To Our Valued Customers:

Good news!!! WE ARE OPEN!!! Come See What Texas Tastes Like!!!


The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission responded Friday August 14, that English Newsom Cellars could reopen. Our customers must purchase food or merchandise with their wine to ensure we stay under the 51% alcohol sales limit. We look forward to raising a glass with you this weekend!


We are a hospitality business and we want to do that in a safe and responsible way and hopefully add a little bit of joy to people’s lives through wine. If you would prefer curbside, delivery or shipping please visit our website to purchase wine.


Our ongoing commitment to protect our employees and customers is our top priority.


What’s Next?

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will respond based on the advice of government and public health authorities. We wish everyone the best in these unusual times, we hope you all stay safe, and look forward to raising a glass with you in our tasting room.


We understand the current outbreak is worrying, and we want to take a moment to share the ways we can all help keep the workplace safe, as well as the steps we’ll take as an organization if and when necessary.

Since the virus is highly contagious and there’s currently no vaccine, we all need to:


• Stay home if you are sick!

If you experience cold, flu-like symptoms, or simply a running nose, please stay home. The coronavirus produces cold-like symptoms in 80% of infected individuals, it’s important to remain at home when ill regardless of how mild your symptoms are. If you have a fever over 100 degrees, please stay home for 14 days to ensure you have not contracted the coronavirus.


• Refrain from going anywhere after travel to an infected city or high-risk country.


• Stay home if you have had contact with a potentially infected person.

The virus spreads easily from person to person. Please stay home for 14-days if you’ve had contact with a confirmed case or potentially infected person.


• Refresh ourselves on proper cough and sneeze hygiene. Cover your nose or mouth with a tissue or your elbow — not your hand — and discard the tissue immediately after.


• Wash your hands regularly.

Proper hand washing remains the best way to prevent transmission of the virus. Wash your hands after using the restroom, touching your face, eating, drinking, coughing, or sneezing, and at regular intervals throughout the day. Use warm soapy water and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, or the time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. Alternatively, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is effective as well.


• Stop touching your faces — objects that we commonly touch — are the main way the disease is spreading. Reduce the chance of transmission from a fomite, like a doorknob, by keeping your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth.


In turn, the measures we’re taking as a company will be:


• Increase supplies of sanitizer wipes - We’ll ensure the workplace has ample sanitizer wipes and ask that employees regularly wipe down their workstations.


• Provide ample hand sanitizer and tissues.


• Face masks and social distancing will be enforced.


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your continued support of English Newsom Cellars!!!


Your safety is our top priority!


Because We Care:


COVID-19 has impacted the world, over the past few weeks and we have seen the virus spread to our country, our great state of Texas, to surrounding cities and now it is in our communities. This is a virus unlike any other in our lifetime. The shortage of medical supplies and hand sanitizer are a concern for everyone.


Many people are questioning if our communities will ever be the same after COVID-19.

We believe it is up to businesses large and small to do things that will better their customers, communities and country until this difficult time passes. Therefore, English Newsom Cellars is donating 1,000 gallons of wine to Hye Rum to be distilled by Hill Country Distillers into hand sanitizer. Our goal is for the hand sanitizer to be rapidly deployed to areas that need it most.


English Newsom Cellars is located in Lubbock, Texas

Hye Rum is located in Hye, Texas

Hill Country Distillers is located in Comfort, Texas


We value our employees and love their big hearts. We want to thank Roman Marcus, the production manager at English Newsom Cellars for presenting this great idea to us. We encourage everyone to do their part in combating COVID-19.


We are honored to be able to share in this time of need.





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